Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Announcing SEAiq 1.5.0: Tracks, Rotation, Course-Up Display

We are pleased to announce version 1.5.0 of all SEAiq Apps: USA, Free, and Open.  In addition to addressing all user-reported issues (there was 1) at the time it was submitted, this version adds the following features:

  • Tracks: displays the track your vessel has followed.  To turn on: select "Enable Tracks" under Settings.  You can clear the tracks with "Clear Tracks".
  • Screen rotation.  You can now rotate the display by using the standard Apple rotation gesture: place two fingers on the display and rotate them.  Note text and similar objects remain vertical -- you don't have to read soundings upside down.  You can always press the North arrow in the corner of the display to return immediately to True North orientation.
  • Course-up display.  In this mode your vessel is placed at the bottom of the display with its course upwards so you can see where it is going.  Press the round arrow button in the corner of the Navigation display twice to enter Course-Up mode (once goes into normal Follow Vessel Mode).  Moving the display disables the mode.